Automatic Load Transfer Switch (ATS)

The Automatic Load Transfer switch panel is designed for automatic load switching from Mains supply to Generator supply in the event of a full or partial Mains Failure, and for ratings of 25amps to 1250 amps consists of two 4 pole mechanically and electrically interlocked contactors, indicators for mains available, mains on load, generator available, generator on load, mains input, generator output and load output terminals. For ratings from 1000amps to 5000amps the contactors are replaced with two 4 pole motor operated, mechanically and electrically interlocked circuit breakers (MCCB’s for 1000 to 1600 amps and ACB’s for 1600 amps up to 5000 amps), one under voltage trip unit per circuit breaker and two pairs of changeover contactors per breaker. These larger panels are also fitted with a generator breaker timer.



Model Action
63A-160A Click to Download
250A-3200A Click to Download

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