Other Genset


Engine ModelPower RatingQty
29N67 TM2A 125KW@1500RPM 16
33N67 TE2A 193KW@1500RPM 8
37C13 TE2A 330KW@1500RPM 7
31N67 TM3A 152KW@1500RPM 7
35C10 TE1D 286KW@1500RPM 3
Genset 100KVA 100kVA 2
Genset 125KVA 125KVA 2
Genset 160kva 160KVA 2
Genset 200kva 200KVA 2
Genset 250kva 250KVA 2
Genset 300kva 300KVA 2
Genset 30KVA 30KVA 2
Genset 350kva 350KVA 2
Genset 400kva 400KVA 2
Genset 60KVA 60KVA 2
NEF45TM2A.A003 96KW@1500RPM 2
N45 AM1-6 45KW@1500RPM 1


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